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The subtle influence of the music shot.

Listening material - Dub Sex. Time of Life

I was almost in a famous Rock'n'Roll band when I was younger but I was continuously held back by a lack of any real talent and the ability to write songs. 

Me and a couple of friends would sit in my bedroom, talking nihilistically about the World in the way we thought Punks should do, drop a load of acid, drink a load of cheap cider and then play terrible Nirvana, Buzzcocks and Smiths covers for the rest of the night. We did record these historical sessions sometimes, so we can say we were recorded musicians, we just can't prove it because my dad threw all the tapes out during one of his manic tidying up events. 
I'm kinda glad they were thrown out to be honest. We really were bad and I'm pretty sure I was quite a pretentious little git!
What I would like though, would be a photo of one of those moments. I used to have hair then, lots of it, so that would be nice to see. I could see m…